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Four strand braid of solid sterling silver, hammered and formed for a perfect fit.  This is a truly elegant look, suitable any time you want a bit of "wow" factor.  Matching cuff bracelet.

Price:    $345, Cuff - $175

Hand forged sterling silver collar with a soft, hammer texture.  Accented with three absolutely perfect deep blue larimar gemstones.

Price:    $635

Six strands of solid sterling silver, hand twisted and flat hammered to a lusterous finish.  Something of a traditional, Roman or Greek look.   Matching cuff bracelet.

Price:    $395, Cuff - $195

Seven strands of solid sterling silver, in a beautiful, round cable twist.  Wear it alone, or add your favorite pendant.  Matching cuff bracelet.

Price:    $285, Cuff - $145

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