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Rainbow calsilica long drops, accented with spheres of purple turquoise, set in solid sterling silver.

Price:    $155

Spiderweb turquoise earrings set in solid sterling silver.

Price:    $120

Zebra marble earrings set in solid sterling silver.  These are a great match for this necklace.

Price:    $125

Flat hammered, solid sterling silver earrings.

Price:    $55

Fused glass with a sterling silver cap.

Price:    $45

Bold silver rings with a hand-hammered finish.  Double joining links create a rich, stylish look.  Matching necklace and bracelet available.

Price:    $69

Sterling silver leaf earrings.  This open design is light and contemporary.

Price:    $44

Beautiful Larimar half-spheres, hung in artful suspense in sterling silver.

Price:    $150

Three rings of sterling silver that seem to sway independently for a very free and easy look.  And hey, hoops are always a classic.

Price:    $42

Hammer finished stirling silver.  These have great impact and good movement!

Price:    $45


Stirling silver links.    See the matching bracelet, or the complete set.

Price:    $45

Sterling silver leaf with gold-fill dangler.

Price:    $60


These sterling silver earrings have a flair and great movement.

Price:    $44

Brilliant faceted citrine, in sterling silver.

Price:    $65


Four flat hammered rings in a playful arc.

Price:    $39

Interlocked double rings in sterling silver.

Price:    $44

Nautilus shells, carefully bezel-set in sterling silver.

Price:    $50

Flat hammered and twisted links give these earrings great movement.

Price:    $45

The dimensionality and minimalist ear-wires make these earrings a real winner.  Hammer finishsed in sterling silver.

Price:    $55


Flat hammered double ovals in sterling silver.

Price:    $46

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