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Beautiful green jade pendant, set in sterling silver with 22k and 24k gold.

Price:    $345

Moonstone oval set atop malachite in a solid sterling silver pendant.  The "stone on stone" setting adds depth to the visual appeal.

Price:    $149

This is just plain fun!  Bone fish in solid sterling silver.  Hinged between each rib and the tail, providing nice movement.

Price:    $125

Striking pendant of Russian Charroite and Kingman turquoise, inlayed in sterling silver. 4" tall - a very bold piece!  

Price:    $450


Solid sterling silver pendant with a spiral sun design.  In ancient times the spiral sun represented a mother goddess, and was a symbol of life cycle and feminine intuition.  

Price:    $129

Inlay of Tiger Wood and Aventurine, set in solid sterling silver. The bold silver dividers really make the gemstone pop.

Price:    $150


Brilliant rainbow moonstone, bezel set in sterling silver.   The heavy gauge silver setting gives this pendant a bold, rich look.

Price:    $140


Sterling silver rings, flat hammered and polished to a high sheen.  Pendant is 1-1/2" plus large bail to accomodate most chains or omegas.

Price:    $79


Nothing says "classic" in semi-precious gemstones like Lapis Lazuli - and this stone is flawless.  Bezel set in solid sterling silver.

Price:    $110


Here's a bit of fun in this solid sterling silver "Star" pendant.  Stylish curves create a feeling of freedom and hand-crafted flair.

Price:    $65


A perfect piece of Baltic Amber!  Excellent clarity, color and flecking creates a stunning look, with a minimalist prong setting in solid sterling silver.

Price:    $115


Three incredibly well-matched pieces of Baltic Amber, set in solid sterling silver.

Price:    $95


Free-form design in this solid sterling silver pendant creates a sense of flow and movement.

Price:    $85


Stunning Labradorite gemstone, bezel set in sterling silver.  The luminescense in this stone is just plain magical.

Price:    $125

Faceted, beautiful Blue Topaz, nestled into a teardrop, solid sterling silver pendant setting.

Price:    $130


Red Creek Jasper is known for brilliant color variations, always in red to brown, earthy tones.  Set in sterling silver.

Price:    $90


The simple, flowing loops of this sterling silver pendant creates a fluid and elegant look.  Matching earrings available.

Price:    $75


Large Laguna Agate gemstone in a modern overlay sterling silver setting.

Price:    $115


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