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Three brilliant, faceted fire opal gems channel set with Monarch opal and Kingman Mountain turquoise, set in sterling silver.  The bail has a hand-engraved star accent.

Price:    $265

Beautiful Poppy jasper center stones are well complimented with the outer ring of turquoise and Parrot Wing jasper in this unique pendant, set in sterling silver and 22k gold.

Price:    $935

Murini glass pendant set in sterling silver and 18k gold.  The process for achieving this effect in glass is a closely held trade secret!

Price:    $195


Beautiful green jade pendant, set in sterling silver with 22k and 24k gold.

Price:    $345

Moonstone oval set atop malachite in a solid sterling silver pendant.  The "stone on stone" setting adds depth to the visual appeal.

Price:    $149


This is just plain fun!  Bone fish in solid sterling silver.  Hinged between each rib and the tail, providing nice movement.

Price:    $125


Striking pendant of Russian Charroite and Kingman turquoise, inlayed in sterling silver. 4" tall - a very bold piece!  

Price:    $450


Solid sterling silver pendant with a spiral sun design.  In ancient times the spiral sun represented a mother goddess, and was a symbol of life cycle and feminine intuition.  

Price:    $129

Inlay of Tiger Wood and Aventurine, set in solid sterling silver. The bold silver dividers really make the gemstone pop.

Price:    $150


Brilliant rainbow moonstone, bezel set in sterling silver.   The heavy gauge silver setting gives this pendant a bold, rich look.

Price:    $140


Sterling silver rings, flat hammered and polished to a high sheen.  Pendant is 1-1/2" plus large bail to accomodate most chains or omegas.

Price:    $79


Here's a bit of fun in this solid sterling silver "Star" pendant.  Stylish curves create a feeling of freedom and hand-crafted flair.

Price:    $65


Three incredibly well-matched pieces of Baltic Amber, set in solid sterling silver.

Price:    $95


Free-form design in this solid sterling silver pendant creates a sense of flow and movement.

Price:    $85


Faceted, beautiful Blue Topaz, nestled into a teardrop, solid sterling silver pendant setting.

Price:    $130


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